SESVIL srl is a dynamic personnel search and selection company, which provides training and consulting services for private and public enterprises, public and private bodies, organizations and freelancers, with offices in Milan and Brescia. SESVIL operates both at the national and the international level. SESVIL is authorized by the Italian Ministry of Labour and Welfare (Reference Nr. 7824 of 03/16/2007) and undersigned the Code of Professional Ethics for the Personnel Search and Selection."

The company is continually involved in professional education and updating training of its consultants as well as in the improvement of its selection process, certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standards. SESVIL is always on the lookout for more effective searching sources and provides a large range of consulting services. All this makes SESVIL the ideal reference in personnel management and development, even for highly-structured enterprises and in extremely competitive and complex markets.

Staff Search and Selection Consulting and the "Sales Force Search Division"

SESVIL, with its guarantee of high quality consultants for qualified personnel search, with its Sales Force Search Division, is also the ideal reference for recruiting salesmen both in Italy and abroad. This includes:

  • agents, representation offices, distributors and resellers;
  • sales executives;
  • area managers and supervisors;
  • sales personnel both in Italy and abroad (i.e. Area managers, Sales force, Export managers, Sales Managers, etc.).

The sales force search and selection consulting is completed by the following activities:

  • assistance in defining compensation schemes (reward systems);
  • analysis of the "sellers climate";
  • evaluation of sellers'/sales personnel's potential for possible career advancements;
  • sales force training, with a focus on motivation;

Also, thanks to strategic partnerships, SESVIL presents itself to its clients as a sole intermediary, competent in multiple consulting services in the sales field, especially for:

  • market analysis and research;
  • customer satisfaction research;
  • consulting services in commercial and marketing development both in Italy and abroad;
  • assistance with organizing and taking part to trade fairs and events;
  • qualified telemarketing services;
  • global assistance for the internationalization of enterprises, especially in the Chinese market, and public funding opportunity evaluation.
Management and company organization consulting

As for management consulting, our company can provide qualified support for the management and development of personnel and company reorganization, based on the following mediation hypothesis:

  • consulting services;
  • analysis of company climate;
  • analysis and evaluation of professional roles;
  • analysis and evaluation of professional skills;
  • performance evaluation;
  • evaluation of potentials;
  • creating reward system.

As for training, starting out with an analysis of the client company's needs, SESVIL plans and puts together ad hoc training activities. SESVIL also evaluates any funding opportunities, i.e. the European Social Fund. Our experience especially concentrates on:

  • classes for management and development of staff;
  • communication and sales techniques;
  • managerial education (values, leadership, teambuilding, motivation, stress and conflict management).